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Glow Plugs

Glow plugs can be a bit more of a challenge, often resulting in cylinder head removal.

Consider the cost of your labour, gasket sets, fluids, machine shop fees, potential breakages, stretch bolts, etc. etc.
You know these things all cost time and money.

Either glow plugs simply seize in place, break inside, break at the top, simply spin around. You choose.
You have probably had all of these at some point.

We come and remove them. Simple as that. If the threads in the head are damaged, we will repair them or insert helicoils.

No need to remove the head.

All we ask is that you strip down so we can gain access to the glow plugs, which you probably have done already.

Totally mobile service, we come to you, anywhere in Scotland.

You have nothing to lose.
2013 Renault Trafic - Wow!
Badly drilled prior.
Whaaaat? - We got it out though!