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Rogues Gallery

Photos of some of the tricky jobs we've completed - oh, and my bike! Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

2 Broken Glowplugs

2011 Vivaro put up a fight - Got them though!

2013 Renault Trafic - Wow!

A Beauty! How did they do this, and why?

Badly drilled prior.

BMW Diesel - 3 snapped, 1 stripped

It takes a lot of pressure to do this - 2010 Vivaro

Merc Sprinter - Delphi Injector. Like that on arrival - fixed it!

Not pretty - this is how it came out.

Previously drilled squint - made life awkward

Remaining debris and shrapnel - common.

Sleeve missing before we got there.

Top ripped off just below the plastic.

Unbelievable corrosion - 62 plate Traffic.

Whaaaat? - We got it out though!

When copper washers fail.

Yeeuuch - more black death.

More black death in a Merc Sprinter.

My Pride and Joy - no diesel injectors on this one!