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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. They are really badly corroded. Can you still get them out?
A. They usually are. No problem at all.

Q. What about severe carbon build up?
A. Very often the injectors will be fine once extracted and a new copper washer fitted.

Q. The retaining bolt has snapped. Will I still have to remove the head?
A. No, I will repair it in situ after I have removed the injector.

Q. Will I need to fit new injectors?
A. Truthfully, probably. It depends on the reason they have to come out and how stuck they are.

Q. Once the vehicle is back on the road, can I prevent it happening again?
A. Yes. There are things that can be done to prevent them seizing in the future. I will show you.

Q. Will there be any damage to the engine, removing the injectors with force.
A. All I can say is after many thousands of injectors removed, I have never damaged a head.

Q. It is already badly mangled, can you still get it out?
A. You wouldn’t believe the mangled ones I have seen. I still get them out.

Q. Does letting them soak in any kind of fluid help.
A. Not that I have seen, and I have seen them soaking in everything from coke to battery acid and de-block. None of it works.

Q. Hanging it overnight by the injector from an engine crane. Will that release it.
A. Very unlikely. That is 3/4 ton at most. I apply many, many times that pressure. It looks good, but it doesn’t work.