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About us


Allan McCleary has a long history in automotive engineering.

From building competition vehicles to racing motorcycles, he has probably done it.

About 2009, it became apparent that certain engines were having injector issues. The factories and main dealers were unable to solve the problem. They were either fitting whole new engines in perfectly good vehicles or worse, smashing off the camshaft covers in order to remove the heads.

I found this bizarre and it offended me as such appalling engineering practice. There had to be a solution. There was, and I found it.

Now it is available to you. Lateral thinking is my strong point.


Angie ran a successful business as travel co-ordinator for a large financial institution.

As the injector business grew, Allan needed her in it.

Her real talent is for organisation and organising Allan is now what she does best.

She runs the diary and runs the business.

Ask Angie about her role and she describes herself as Allan’s “flunky”.

Ask Allan about Angie’s role and he describes her as the “gaffer”

BMW Diesel - 3 snapped, 1 stripped
Remaining debris and shrapnel - common.
Whaaaat? - We got it out though!